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Renewable Energy Credits: Get Paid for Solar Energy

Renewable Energy Certificates are proof that you've produced clean energy. 

 Every kilowatt hour your solar system generates can earn you RECs.

Enact has created a first of its kind program, allowing you to earn cash from solar.

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Frequently Asked Questions

RECs, also known as Renewable Energy Certificates, are tradable credits that represent proof that a certain amount of renewable energy has been generated. These credits allow renewable energy producers, like solar homeowners and businesses, to monetize their clean energy production investments, supporting the growth of renewable energy in the process.

For every megawatt-hour of energy produced by your solar energy system, you earn one Renewable Energy Credit (REC). These certificates verify that you have generated a specific amount of clean energy. To earn and track your RECs, you must have access to the Consumer app, which will eventually have an embedded form for tracking REC credits and payments.

You can sell your RECs for the entire life of your future ownership of the solar system, turning them into a source of income. Enact simplifies this process, handling all the details and ensuring you receive payment for your RECs.

Selling RECs through Enact's program allows you to earn money, maximizing the return on your solar investment and helping to recoup some of your initial costs. Enact streamlines the process, making it easy and straightforward for both homeowners and businesses.

Enact offers comprehensive support throughout the RECs selling process. Our expert team guides you through registering your solar system, maintaining it in good health (a consumer obligation), and handling the REC selling process on your behalf. If you decide to sell your property, you must report the sale to Enact, and the credits, along with Consumer App access, will transfer to the new buyer.

The RECs program is open to both existing and new customers. Whether you've been with Enact for years or are just getting started, you can participate in the program and enjoy the benefits of your solar energy investment.

There is no specific time limit for selling RECs, but it's crucial to maintain your solar system in good health and keep it connected Enact to participate in the program continuously.

Selling RECs contributes to the growth and development of renewable energy. Organizations that purchase your RECs are supporting clean energy sources, reducing their carbon footprint, and promoting sustainability, driving the shared mission towards a greener world.

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Profit from the sun. Your solar energy earns you $10 for every MWh generated.

Annual Bonus: Sit back and enjoy an extra $125 on average, just for going solar.

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California Solar Owners: Did you Know?

Your solar system does more than lower bills—it's a gateway to earning with Enact. Major companies need your Renewable Energy Credits to hit sustainability goals. With Enact, you can seamlessly tap into this demand. Ready to earn from your green energy? Dive in now!